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Times below are Lisbon local time (=UTC+1)


The zoom link for the afternoon sessions is this one (link directs you to a 10-sec registration page, after which you will get access for the 5-days)



Day 1 - Monday 30 August (Chair: Valeria Ferrari)


14:00-14:45    Tana Joseph: Equity, diversity and inclusion in astronomy: Putting words into actions

14:45-15:45    A career in science: FAQs (panel with Richard Brito, Tanja Hinderer, Nicola Tamanini and Silvia Toonen)

15:45-16:00    Break

16:00-17:00    Janna Levin: Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space

                                Pedro Ferreira: Gravitational Waves in Hi-Fidelity

                                To join the webinar, please click the link



Day 2 - Tuesday 31 August (Chair: Samaya Nissanke)


14:00-14:45    Priya Natarajan: New insights into SMBH formation, fueling and feedback from Multi-messenger astronomy

14:45-15:00    Irina Dvorkin: Binary neutron stars: supernovae and the origin of heavy elements (STSM talk)

15:00-15:15    Federica Sassano: On the nature of first supermassive black hole seeds (STSM talk)

15:15-15:30    Break

15:30-15:45    Tanja Petrusheva: 1700 days of monitoring a tidal disruption event candidate in a galaxy with an active
                                supermassive black hole (STSM talk)

15:45-16:00    Nicola Tamanini: Exploring and building the future of GW astronomy with GWverse (STSM talk)

16:00-16:15    Hugo Pfister: The erratic dynamical life of black hole seeds in high-redshift galaxies (STSM talk)

16:15-16:30    Closing remarks



Day 3 - Wednesday 1 September (Chair: Leor Barack)


14:00-14:45    Harald Pfeiffer: Numerical and analytical modeling of BBH

14:45-15:00    Csukás Károly Zoltán: A fully spectral implementation of the constraints’ evolutionary form (STSM talk)

15:00-15:15    Roberto Oliveri: Multipole expansion of GWs: from harmonic to Bondi coordinates (STSM talk)

15:15-15:30    Break

15:30-15:45    Maria Haney: IMRPhenomXE: phenomenological waveform modeling of eccentric binary

                                black hole coalescence (STSM talk)

15:45-16:00    Jarosław Kopiński: New spinorial approach to mass inequalities for black holes (STSM talk)

16:00-16:15    Viktor Skoupy: Spinning test body orbiting around a Kerr black hole: Eccentric equatorial orbits and their

                                asymptotic GW fluxes (STSM talk)

16:15-16:30    Closing remarks



Day 4 - Thursday 2 September (Chair: Thomas Sotiriou)


14:00-14:45    Nico Yunes: Probing Fundamental Physics in Extreme Gravity with Gravitational Waves

14:45-15:00    Caner Unal: The Ineludible Nonlinear Nature of the Primordial Black Hole Abundance (STSM talk)

15:00-15:15    Stoytcho Yazadjiev: Spontaneous scalarization- quasinormal modes of the scalarized black holes and the role

                                 of the scalar field mass (STSM talk)

15:15-15:30    Break

15:30-15:45    Nico Sanchis-Gual: Numerical relativity and bosonic stars (STSM talk)

15:45-16:00    Susanna Barsanti: Scalar fields: Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals and LISA (STSM talk)

16:00-16:15    Simone Mastrogiovanni: Searching for GW echoes with GWTC-1 using a morphology-independent template

                                bank (STSM talk)

16:15-16:30    Paolo Marcoccia: Analysis of the stellar origin SGWB detected by LISA (STSM talk)

16:30-16:45    Closing remarks 



Day 5 - Friday 3 September (Chair: Vitor Cardoso)


14:00-14:45    Bernard Schutz: Building the future of GW Astronomy: lessons from the past

14:45-15:20    Valeria Ferrari: Reflections on a career

15:20-15:25    Thomas Sotiriou: on new Action

15:25-15:35    Closing by Vitor Cardoso