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Welcome to GWverse!


Einstein’s theory of General Relativity is perhaps the most elegant attempt by humankind to capture the laws of physics. Tested to exquisite precision in the weak-field regime, its unique geometric structure is manifest in strong field regions, especially around black holes. Decades of dedicated theoretical efforts were rewarded with an ornate mathematical theory of black holes and their perturbations, establishing the simplicity of black hole spacetimes. In parallel, breakthroughs on the numerical evolution of the Einstein field equations have taught us how black holes interact and merge, releasing huge amounts of gravitational-wave energy.


Black holes are the “simplest” astrophysical objects, yet they harbour the most remarkable predictions of General Relativity: event horizons and singularities. Gravitational-wave astronomy will allow us to test models of black hole formation, growth and evolution, as well as models of gravitational-wave generation and propagation. It will provide evidence for event horizons and ergoregions, test General Relativity itself and it may reveal the existence of new fundamental fields. The synthesis of these results has the potential to answer some of the most pressing issues in our understanding of the cosmos and the laws of Nature.


The COST Action CA16104 Gravitational waves, black holes and fundamental physics (GWverse)1 was officially started on April 7, 2017. General information about COST Actions can be found on the network webpages2. The rules and regulations for a COST Actions are summarized in the Vademecum3.


This Action will link 3 scientific communities that are currently largely disjoint: one specializing in GW detection and analysis, another in BH modelling (in both astrophysical and GR contexts), and a third in strong-gravity tests of fundamental physics, to form a single, interdisciplinary network, facilitating a common language and a framework to discuss, interact and learn from one another. The Action will train the next generation of leaders in the field, and the very first "native" GW/multi-messenger astronomers.


The Charter of GWverse is embodied in its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). So far 17 countries have signed the MOU4.


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