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Press Coverage and Public Outreach


Listen to the interview of the Work Group 1 leader Samaya Nissanke on the latest GW events involving neutron star mergers detected by the LIGO-Virgo collaboration, 2.05.2019


Slovenian national television popular science programme Ugriznimo Znanost (participation of Professors Andreja Gamboc and Vitor Cardoso) 17.05.2018


Distortions in Spacetime teaser (co-authored by Professor Samaya Nissanke) 09.02.2018


Public talk at the Gravity@Malta 2018 (Malta Café Scientifique) and video (YouTube) 24.01.2018


Times of Malta article on the public event organised within the Gravity@Malta 2018 COST meeting 23.01.2018


Times of Malta article on the Gravity@Malta 2018 COST meeting 14.01.2018


Interview of Professor Vitor Cardoso (Cost Action Chair) in the portuguese national television 09.01.2018


BBC world service interview (with Professor Samaya Nissanke) 22.10.2017


BBC radio 4 Inside Science (with Professor Samaya Nissanke) 19.10.2017


Nature podcast (with Professor Samaya Nissanke) 19.10.2017


Public talk at Université libre de Bruxelles by Professor Geoffrey Compère 14.11.2017 (5.7 MB)


 Strong Gravity Universe workshop television coverage 06.07.2017


Portuguese participation in the action by a leading Portuguese Newspaper 10.04.2017


Instituto Superior Técnico (U.Lisbon) participation in the action by the IST Newsletter 10.04.2017