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Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are a great opportunity for all scientists within the COST Action to exchange visits, nurture collaborations, or develop new ones.  The COST association defines the STSM as exchange visits between researchers involved in a COST Action, allowing scientists to visit an institution or laboratory in another COST country.

Participants from a participating COST Country or Cooperative State can be hosted at

Participants from an approved NNC (Near Neighbour Country) institution or an approved European RTD Organization can only be hosted at

A European RTD Organisation is any intergovernmental scientific research organisation that is responsible for infrastructures and laboratories whose members are countries, and the majority of which are COST Member Countries or Cooperating State.

The details of the application procedure can be found in the How to apply section.


Eligible Home Institutions


Currently, the approved home institutions for applicants must be located in one of the following countries:


Belgium Belgium [BE]      
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina [BA]      
Bulgaria Bulgaria [BG]      
Czech Republic Czech Republic [CZ]      
Denmark Denmark [DK]      
Estonia Estonia [EE]      
Finland Finland [FI]      
France France [FR]      
Germany Germany [DE]      
Greece Greece [EL]      
Hungary Hungary [HU]      
Ireland Ireland [IE]      
Israel Israel [IL]      
Italy Italy [IT]      
Malta Malta [MT]      
Netherlands Netherlands [NL]      
Poland Poland [PL]      
Portugal Portugal [PT]      
Serbia Serbia [RS]      
Slovenia Slovenia [SI]      
South Africa South Africa [ZA] (Rhodes University)      
Spain Spain [ES]      
Switzerland Switzerland [CH]      
Turkey Turkey [TR]      
United Kingdom United Kingdom [UK]