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There are two types of STSMs:

A STSM grant is a fixed contribution to support but not cover completely the costs of the exchange visit. The amount of the support varies with the duration of the STSM. Advance paymant can only be made in exceptional cases that require special justification.

An STSM needs to be carried out completely within a single grant period and within the Action’s lifetime.

The following rules apply:

Standard STSM



Eligible Home Institutions


Currently, the approved home institutions for applicants must be located in one of the following countries:


Belgium Belgium [BE]      
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina [BA]      

Bulgaria Bulgaria [BG]

Denmark Denmark [DK]

Estonia Estonia [EE]

Finland Finland [FI]      
France France [FR]      
Germany Germany [DE]      
Greece Greece [EL]      
Hungary Hungary [HU]      
Ireland Ireland [IE]      
Israel Israel [IL]      
Italy Italy [IT]      
Malta Malta [MT]      

Netherlands Netherlands [NL]

Poland Poland [PL]


Portugal Portugal [PT]



Serbia Serbia [RS]      

Slovenia Slovenia [SI]

South Africa South Africa [ZA] (Rhodes University)

Spain Spain [ES]      
Switzerland Switzerland [CH]      
United Kingdom United Kingdom [UK]