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WG1: Astrophysics

Led by Samaya Nissanke <samaya _at_ astro.ru.nl>



Black holes are amongst the most fundamental and the most extreme gravity objects that we know of in the Universe. However, the lifecycle of black holes the Universe remain amongst one of the big mysteries in our understanding of the cosmos. To understand the Universe and its evolution better, as this working group tackles head-on, an in-depth and urgent understanding of the formation, evolution and fate pairs of black-holes (referred to as black hole binaries) are crucial to make progress in strong-field gravity astrophysics. Black hole binaries, as gravitational wave sources, are already shedding light on processes governing star formation and evolution, galactic clustering and phenomena like quasars and gamma-ray bursts, from cosmic dawn to the present, as well as constraints on primordial black hole formation and the nature of dark matter. The gravitational wave signal from coalescing binaries encodes unprecedented measurements on the masses and spins of the original black holes and of the newly formed black hole. From these gravitational wave measurements this COST action will infer properties on the origin, evolution and environment of black holes across the entire mass spectrum, from stellar-origin to giant black holes at the center of galaxies. On the other hand, this COST action will also use electromagnetic and astro particle observations that provide orthogonal and necessary information on the energetics, immediate environment, and host galaxies of there systems; these are now attainable due to the advent of wide-field optical and radio time-domain telescopes. When possible we require both gravitational wave and electromagnetic observations to complete the picture and to place black hole formation, their evolution and fate in a complete picture of our Universe.



WG1a: Super massive black hole growth and evolution

Marta Volonteri
martav _at_ iap.fr
WG1b: Transient observations (Multi-freq X-ray, optical, radio)

Assaf Horesh
assafh _at_ mail.huji.ac.il
WG1c: Numerical relativity/SPH with GR+matter+plasma

Sebastiano Bernuzzi
sebastiano.bernuzzi _at_ gmail.com
WG1d: N-body dynamics

Bence Kocsis
bkocsis _at_ gmail.com
WG1e: Binary formation and population synthesis

Monica Colpi
Monica.Colpi _at_ mib.infn.it
WG1f: Dark matter and primordial Black Holes

Gianfranco Bertone
gf.bertone _at_ gmail.com
WG1g: Cosmography

Germano Nardini
nardini _at_ itp.unibe.ch
WG1h: Astroparticles

Maria Chernyakova
masha.chernyakova _at_ dcu.ie
WG1i: Dual AGN Observations

Edi Bon
ebon _at_ aob.rs



WG Members

Miguel Ángel Aloy (Spain)

Pau Amaro Seoane (Spain)

Leor Barack (UK)

Enrico Barausse (France)
Chris Belczynski (Poland)

Jose Juan Blanco-Pillado (Spain)
Edi Bon (Serbia)

Željka Bošnjak (Croatia)

Katja Bricman (Slovenia)

Antoni Buadas (Spain)
Sebastiano Bernuzzi (Italy)
Gianfranco Bertone (Netherlands)
Tomek Bulik (Poland)

Pedro Capelo (Switzerland)

Chiara Caprini (France)
Vitor Cardoso (Portugal)

Pablo Cerdá-Durán (Spain)

Sylvain Chaty (France)

Masha Chernyakova (Ireland)

Aurora Clerici (Slovenia)

Monika Colpi (Italy)

Isabel Cordero-Carrión (Spain)
Viktor G. Czinner (Portugal)

Recai Erdem (Turkey)
Miguel Ferreira (Portugal)
Andrea Ferrara (Italy)

Jose Antonio Font (Spain)
Avishay Gal-Yam (Israel)
Cecilio Garcia (Spain)

Juan Garcia-Bellido (Spain)

Andreja Gomboc (Slovenia)

Ariel Goobar (Sweden)

Martin Hendry (UK)

Ik Siong Heng (UK)
Thomas Hertog (Belgium)
Assaf Horesh (Israel)
Sascha Husa (Spain)

Nadia Ihanec (Slovenia)

Amruta Jaodand (Netherlands)

Xisco Jimenez-Forteza (Italy)

Bence Kocsis (Hungary)
Kostas Kokkotas (Germany)

Michael Kramer (Germany)
Andrei Krolak (Poland)
Paul Lasky (Australia)
Joe Lazio (USA)

Ilya Mandel (UK)

Andrea Maselli (Germany)
Lucio Mayer (Switzerland)
Christopher Messenger (UK)
Deyan Mihaylov (UK)
Chiara Mingarelli (Germany)
Germano Nardini (Switzerland)

Martin Obergaulinger (Spain)
Eran Ofek (Israel)
Hiranya Peiris (UK and Sweden)

Ed Porter (France)
Geraint Pratten (Spain)
Luciano Rezzolla (Germany)
Nemanja Rakic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Dorota Rosinska (Poland)
Elena Rossi (Netherlands)
Stephan Rosswog (Sweden)

Maria Ruiz Morales (Spain)
Mairi Sakellariadou (UK)

Nicolás Sanchis-Gual (Spain)
Alberto Sesana (UK)

Thomas Sotiriou (UK)

Rafael Souza-Lima (Switzerland)

Marko Stalevski (Serbia)

Antonio Stamerra (Italy)
Nick Stergioulas (Greece)

Tomas Tamfal (Switzerland)

Thomas Tauris (Germany)

Alejandro Torres-Forné (Spain)

Sergey Tsygankov (Finland)

Pep Covas Vidal (Spain)
Marta Volonteri (France)

Amanda Weltman (South Africa)
Bernard Whiting (USA)