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WG3: Black holes and fundamental physics

Led by Thomas Sotiriou, Thomas.Sotiriou _at_ nottingham.ac.uk



New fields, new interactions or any departure from the textbook description of gravity or particle physics might very well make their first appearance in the strong gravity regime. The main goal of WG3 is to create links between fundamental physics and black holes observations, in search of new physics. In particular it aims to:
(i) use data from observations (WG1) and modelling (WG2) in order to vindicate/disprove theoretical predictions regarding the structure and properties of BHs;
(ii) obtain novel predictions and use them to guide targeted observations and modelling;
(iii) act as a link between this COST action and other communities (e.g. cosmology and theoretical physics).
A key activity of WG3 will be the “Gravity Data Group” initiative, which will collect and comprehensively present all constraints on gravity theories. This initiative will be cross-disciplinary and open to nonmembers of the action.



WG3a: Testing the Black Holes hypothesis

Carlos Herdeiro
herdeiro _at_ ua.pt
WG3b: Strong field parametrizations

Kent Yagi
kyagi _at_ princeton.edu
WG3c: Black holes beyond General Relativity

Enrico Barausse
barausse _at_ iap.fr
WG3d: Black hole perturbation theory and fundamental physics

Paolo Pani
Paolo.Pani _at_ roma1.infn.it
WG3e: Binaries in alternative theories of gravity

Carlos Palenzuela
carlos.palenzuela _at_ uib.es


Key Initiative: Gravity Data Group



WG3 Members:

Tiziano Abdelsalhin (Italy)
Charis Anastopoulos (Greece)

Lorenzo Annulli (Portugal)
Theocharis Apostolatos (Greece)
Leor Barack (UK)
Enrico Barausse (France)
Robert Benkel (UK)
Laura Bernard (Portugal)

Diego Blas (Switzerland)

David Edward Bruschi (UK)

Vitor Cardoso (Portugal)
Christos Charmousis (France)

Miguel Correia (Portugal)
Pep Covas (Spain)
Viktor Czinner (Portugal)

Kyriakos Destounis (Portugal)
Roberto Emparan (Spain)

Recai Erdem (Turkey)

Valeria Ferrari (Italy) 

Miguel Ferreira (Portugal)
Andrew Finch (Malta)
Jose Antonio Font (Spain)
Nicola Franchini (UK)
Cecilio Garcia (Spain)
Juan Garcia-Bellido (Spain)
Kostas Glampedakis (Spain)
Leonardo Gualtieri (Italy)

Eduardo Guendelman (Israel)

Troels Harmark (Denmark)

Lavinia Heisenberg (Switzerland)
Filip Hejda (Portugal)
Carlos Herdeiro (Portugal)
Thomas Hertog (Belgium)
Philippe Jetzer (Switzerland)

Xisco Jimenez-Forteza (Italy)
Masashi Kimura (Portugal)
Kostas Kokkotas (Germany)

Michael Kramer (Germany)

Jutta Kunz (Germany)
Jackson Levi Said (Malta)
Stefano Liberati (Italy)

Jorge Lopes (Portugal)

Yin-Zhe Ma (South Africa)

Elisa Maggio (UK)

Andrea Maselli (Germany)

Anupam Mazumdar (Netherlands) 

Masato Minamitsuji (Portugal)
Samaya Nissanke (Netherlands)
Emil Nissimov (Bulgaria)
Paolo Pani (Italy)

Leftheris Papantonopoulos (Greece)

Georgios Pappas (Portugal)

Vedad Pasic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Geraint Pratten (Spain)
Antoni Ramos (Spain)

Guilherme Raposo (Portugal)

Harvey Real (UK) 

Luciano Rezzolla (Germany)

Mairi Sakellariadou (UK)

Nicolás Sanchis-Gual (Spain) 

Mehdi Saravani (UK)

Patricia Schmidt (Netherlands)
Carlos Sopuerta (Spain)
Thomas Sotiriou (UK)

Jose Velhinho (Portugal)
Yosef Verbin (Israel)
Bert Vercnocke (Belgium)
Daniele Vernieri (Portugal)
Frederic Vincent (France)
Vincenzo Vitagliano (Portugal)
Kent Yagi (USA)
Stoycho Yazadjiev (Bulgaria)

Miguel Zilhão (Portugal)