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Athens 2019: GWverse second global meeting to be held in Athens

Sep. 21, 2018

The second global meeting of the GWverse COST Action will be held in Athens, Jan 21-24. This is the second in a series of conferences from the COST Action CA 16104 on Gravitational waves, black holes and fundamental physics (GWverse). The consortium links three normally disjoint communities, namely Gravitational Wave detection and analysis, BH modeling (in both astrophysical and GR contexts), and strong-gravity tests of fundamental physics. The aim of the conference is to bring about discussion and collaboration between people working in these communities.

In 2019, the global meeting will be steered by the following themes,

1. How do we detect and interpret GWs?

2. What is the population of black holes in the Universe?

3. What is the future of GW detectors?

4. What is the structure of a black hole in classical GR? In modified theories?

5. Are quantum corrections on horizon scale physically motivated?

6. How do we accurately model GWs from astrophysical/cosmological sources in and beyond GR?

We hope to see you all in Athens!