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Lost in Gravity 2019

Jun. 13, 2019

Precision observations of gravitational and electromagnetic signals from astrophysical sources provide a new arena to test the nature of gravity and other interactions in regimes virtually unexplored so far, raising fundamental questions and shedding new light on old problems.

With this motivation in mind, we are organising a workshop in Saint Flour (France), from 28 to 30 of August 2019, to discuss unsolved problems related to strong gravitational phenomena and tests of gravity with current and future experiments.

The scientific program of the conference will include the following topics:

– Tests of the black hole hypothesis

– Alternative theories: status and prospects

– Tests of gravity from cosmological observations

– Numerical and analytical modelling of compact mergers

– Relativistic numerical simulations beyond GR

– Multi-messenger astrophysics

The workshop is organised in order to have few talks each day, and maximise the time for round tables and free discussions.

More info here.